Tire LED Chew Molar

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The tire LED chew molar toy is made of silicone and TPR material, which is sturdy and soft, bite-resistant and easy to clean, and sturdy enough to withstand your dogs' biting and chewing many times.


• 3.6 - 4In (9 - 10cm)


FLASHING BALL The tire LED chew molar toy will glow when hitting, and lasts 10 seconds, which will easily attract your dogs' attention; Even in the dark, your dogs can play with the ball happily as the flashing could tell the dog where it is.

DO MORE EXERCISE the elastic dog ball toy can let the dogs keep chasing, not only can make the dogs exercise happily, but also trains the agility of dogs, encourage them to exercise, helping them stay healthy and strong.

INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS you can use the LED dog ball to interact with your dogs, and the ball will bounce and shine with the colorful light to attract your dog's attention, which can keep an intimate bond between you and your dogs.


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