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  • Lovely poster dog painting by Pawsome-paint

    kayle derdon


    " I've always been one to think that I could never do something like this because I do not have one artistic bone in my body. Started doing this the other day a little bit everyday when I have time and I find it to be so relaxing. It helps to take the stress out of each day. "

  • A Beautiful painting Three cats by Pawsome-paint by Numbers

    Daisy R.peterson


    " I purchased this painting kit for a gift for my 14 year old daughter and she loved it! It comes with everything that you need to finish the painting and hang it. The wrapped canvas is of good quality and doesn’t have to be framed to display it. "

  • Anna Oraseley


    " My dad just had to put down his most loved hunting dog and it was the perfect (sad) opportunity for me to get a customized art piece to work on! How incredibly amazed I am by how beautiful this canvas turned out! I will be buying more for Christmas gifts this year to work on! "

  • Awsome Poster French Bulldog by Pawsome-paint

    Dianna bradely


    " Gave it to 11 year old granddaughter for birthday. She loved it. She couldn’t wait to show me the canvas. She hasn’t painted the paper one yet. "

  • Lovely Sphynx cat Masterpiece by Pawsome-paint

    Jane Swift


    " Quick delivery and keeps me busy for hours. Very easy to use. Also, when done, it makes a great gift. "

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Why Pawsome Paint?

We cuddle with our pets all day, take hundreds of pictures of them, and love to show them off. Of course, we do, they are just perfect! That's why we think painting your pet is the best way to relax – Painting can be therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on the images at hand and on nothing else. This focus on one central topic relieves stress on the mind, and in turn relaxes the body. This relaxation minimizes muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and other physical ailments.